Who Says Thirteens Aren’t Lucky?

One year ago today–January 13, 2011–we met our babies for the first time…

They were no bigger than a grain of sand, and yet they were already filled with the beauty that we gazed upon exactly eight months later–September 13, 2011…

And today–January 13, 2012–those little grains of sand are four months old!

I’m sure all parents-after-IVF go through this (since many of us have the privilege of seeing our embryos before transfer), but it’s unbelievable to see in pictures how far we’ve come in a year. It’s amazing to see how you start out as a tiny speck and blossom into a full-fledged person. Isn’t life incredible?!

I must confess that the number 13 was not always my favorite. When I was told my c-section would occur on the 13th of September, I was disappointed. I always thought of the number 13 as an unlucky number, probably because of superstition. But when I thought about how our embryo transfer was on the 13th–certainly a lucky day for us!–my perspective on the number 13 shifted. I now believe 13 has certainly been good to us, and I’m excited to celebrate many more 13ths of each month as my babies grow and thrive! : ) Five months old, here we come!

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  1. Happy 4 months to your girls!!! Mine are 7 months today!! Thirteen is a happy number now for us too! They were conceived on FRIDAY the 13th in Aug, 2010. I remember hoping my egg retrieval wasn’t going to be on the Friday the 13th!!! But it was!! And then my c-section was scheduled for Monday June 13th. But I figured they were concieved on Friday the 13th, so it must be a good number for them 🙂 So…. yay for #13 for both of our families!!!
    So glad to hear your girls are doing better with the new medicine. So thankful for this treatment!!! Very happy you are blogging again. I have been checking and reading your updates. Hope to comment more 🙂 Love the updates on your girls!

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