Clubfeet – Update #2

Whew! I meant to write sooner, but it has been a very busy few weeks! We were supposed to return for Violet’s next set of casts on Monday the 23rd, but Layla was sick on Sunday the 22nd. She woke up throwing up and continued getting sick all day long. I knew we would probably need to take her to the pediatrician on Monday, and my hubby’s work day was jam-packed, so I postponed Violet’s appointment until Wednesday the 25th.

Last appointment, Dr. E surprised us by saying she would only need a total of two casts before her tenotomy. He thinks cutting her Achilles tendon and letting it regrow properly will release the tight side of her foot and cause most of the correction. Previously he had said that it would take 4-5 casts before the tenotomy, so we were expecting a month or more of weekly casting. We were thrilled!

Shortly after canceling the appointment, Violet woke up, and I noticed that the cast on her right leg had slipped down. Based on past experience, I knew that we would have to soak it off because her foot was no longer properly positioned inside the cast. I called Dr. E and was told to soak her casts off Monday night and wait for our rescheduled appointment on Wednesday. My hubby and I were afraid that her feet would revert back to their pre-cast position during the 48 hours she would be without a cast, but we followed the ortho’s instructions. We considered wrapping her left leg in a plastic bag while she was in the tub to try to preserve the dryness of that cast so that it could remain on her leg, but then we would have worried that somehow that cast would bang up against her right leg and cause a fracture. So we soaked off both casts. I used scissors to carefully snip at her casts while they were submerged in her bathtub, and was able to rip the casts apart after only 30 minutes. The previous time, this took two hours, so I was happy that she didn’t have to spend that long in the bathtub this time.

I took these pictures on Monday night just after her casts were removed (progress after one week in casts):

Left foot

Right foot–more severely affected:

At her appointment Wednesday, I was surprised when Dr. E decided not to recast her feet. His thoughts were that she would just continue to kick the casts off, so they weren’t beneficial and actually posed more of a danger because of the risk of fractures. We’ll proceed with her tenotomy on Tuesday, but now it has turned into an OR procedure during which they will put her under briefly to try to mold her casts better so that she can’t wiggle out of them. Most kids are given a simple local for this procedure, so it’s now a bigger deal than originally envisioned. Scary, but I’m just trying to remain calm and reassure myself that she’s in great hands.

4 responses

  1. Wow!! What a darling!! What nice big brown eyes she has!! Oh gosh…you are such a brave woman with regard to the upcoming operation/general anaestesia! But everyday/procedure that much closer to progress! And by the looks of the pics there is some definite signs of progress. You take care!!

  2. I think you are doing a fantastic job, and your girls are just as admirable for going through treatment (and Violet for the clubfoot treatment too).

    And I have to add….those cute chubby legs are just priceless! I don’t even notice or pay attention to the foot, all I see is adorable baby rolls that must be squeezed!!!!!

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