How Are You Spending Your Sunday?

I spent part of mine watching Layla roll from back to tummy for the first time!

She’s been so close for a while, but hadn’t completely rested on her belly until today. We knew she was close because anytime we would lay her on her back, she would rotate onto her left side. She now sleeps on her left side, and a few times she had almost completely rolled over but couldn’t quite make it happen. Today it finally happened!

She also slightly pushed up and lifted her head from the floor today for the first time. When we’ve been holding them in a reclined position, they have no problem pushing up off our chests and looking around. But when on a flat surface, they haven’t been able to push up yet. Layla still didn’t completely push up, but today was progress!

Both babies are behind developmentally because of their fractures and because we were too nervous as they were healing to put pressure on their femurs. Lately they seem to be catching up, but Violet’s clubfeet casts have further delayed her physical development. She’s really not rolling over yet or anything. The past week, she’s been working on grabbing her feet (which Layla is also doing), but she is not catching up quite as quickly. It will come, so I’m not worried about it. A physical therapist will start working with them at our house weekly in February, so that should help as well.

Layla is also a chatterbox! She squeals often and tests out her voice. Violet has started doing this the past several days as well. Our quiet house will never be the same! But we wouldn’t have it any other way. : )

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