Four Month Well Visit

Since Violet had a short break from casts, I took both babies to their pediatrician for their four-month immunizations last week. They were four months and 14 days old at this appointment, and it was my first solo trip out with both of them!

First we weighed both babies and measured their length and head circumference. Violet weighs 13 lbs 0.2 oz, which is the 26th percentile. She is approximately 22.5 inches long, which is the 2nd percentile. I say “approximately” to describe her length because we don’t allow anyone to pull on their legs to stretch them out. I very gently pull a little to try for an approximate length, and we go with that. She’s probably actually slightly longer. The nurse inaccurately wrote down Layla’s head circumference, so I’m not sure what the measurement was, but she’s in the 41st percentile. At birth, she was 7 lbs 10 oz and 18.75″, so she is growing!

Layla weighs 11 lbs 14 oz, which is the 9th percentile. She is approximately 22.25 inches long, which is the 1st percentile. She’s finally on the growth chart for length! Her head circumference is 16 inches, which is the 27th percentile. A birth, she was 5 lbs 14 oz and 17″ long.

We receive a paper during each well visit on which the nurse writes their weight/length/head circumference stats, and it also gives some information that applies to their current age. At four months, we can start rice cereal with a spoon as long as the baby has good head control. They should be reaching and grabbing, and starting to work on rolling (goal for that is six months). We need to give them tactile toys, and we should be singing, playing peek-a-boo and showing our babies their gorgeous reflections in the mirror. We should be doing tummy time several times per day. We should be reading to them and encouraging them to sit up. We can try an Exersaucer. We should start a bedtime routine. We should give them 1 mL Vitamin D per day.

I can’t believe how much they’ve grown!

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