5 Months!

Today my babies turned five months old! I can’t believe it. Time is really starting to fly.


I’m on the right in this photo with Violet. My hubby is in the middle with Layla. See how much the babies look alike? Their similarities are pretty amazing at this age. My hubby’s sister is to the far left with her baby, B–my SIL tested positive the day after we announced our news to my hubby’s family last February! Seemed like the end of the world at the time, but a year later all is forgotten. The baby between us adults is our 1-year-old niece… the one that made me feel so devastated when our BIL and SIL announced their pregnancy at Father’s Day 2010… Ugh! What an awful day, but in hindsight, I’m glad they came first. It allowed us to adjust to the idea of having kids, because we have a niece who came seven months before. Everything happens for a reason–at least for us.

The babies are changing each and every day. A few days ago, Violet started extending her legs up (despite her casts!) and touching her feet a bit. Still not a regular occurrence, but good news nonetheless. Tonight we put both babies on their bellies, and they each (to some extent) pushed up on their elbows. They are behind on this skill, but at least progress is being made. As recently as a week ago, they were not capable of pushing up at all. My eyes filled with tears when I saw Layla push up! I’m hoping the progress continues. They are becoming more alert–enjoying my singing, playing with toys and reaching to scratch on things like my shiny shirt, our couch pillows, glittery cards. They both love scratching the side of their pack and play when we’re changing their diapers. Tonight they were both turning onto their sides, which was amazing because they were synchronized–both were turning onto their own right side. I think twins have a special vibe! They recognize bottles and follow me with their eyes when I have to go up to the second floor. My hubby keeps remarking on how they are developing features they will probably possess in adulthood. Incredible.

Today I scheduled their next Pamidronate infusion (on the 28th), and we return on Wednesday for Violet’s post-tenotomy check-up. We meet with the specialist who will make her feet braces and not 100% sure where we go from there.

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  1. Em, you are an amazing, wonderful, incredible Mom. Your girls are so lucky to have picked you and your DH to be their Mommy and Daddy. Isn’t it incredible how they seem to discover something different about the world each and every day?!

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