Overdue Update

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted! Time is speeding up, it seems. Here’s what we’ve up to since my last post:

Violet and I traveled to see her orthopaedist for her two-weeks-post-tenotomy check-up February 15th. The physician’s assistant used the very loud saw to cut off her casts, which terrified my poor baby. She screamed and her eyes were as big as saucers. But on the plus side, her feet looked great!

For comparison’s sake, here is what her feet looked like shortly after birth:

And here is what they looked like in January just before starting round two of clubfeet correction:

So as you can see, there has been much improvement! After her casts were removed, she and I settled into a bottle, and the orthotist arrived to take measurements for her braces. He created special, lightweight braces for her so that she wouldn’t have to withstand the weight of the normal braces.

Once the orthotist had completed his measurements, Violet had her last clubfoot-related casts applied!

She adapted to the casts quickly this time, and they never seemed to bother her. We continued with the next two weeks focusing on tummy time, introducing the exersaucers and jumperoo, visiting with family and friends, taking walks outside, etc. And before I knew it, the time had come for the next trip to the children’s hospital.

On February 28th, the very loud saw scared Violet again, despite the headphones we put on her head to try to help with the noise.

After the casts were gone, the braces went on! We are referring to them as her “shoes.”

It took her just a minute or two to figure out how to lift her legs in the air at the same time.

So far the shoes haven’t even seemed to faze her. For the next three months, we can only take them off briefly to bathe her or for general hygiene. Her feet are a bit big for the shoes right now, so we are doubling up on socks to try to keep her aligned in them correctly. After the three-month mark, as long as there is no sign of relapse, we can reduce the number of hours she spends in her shoes. She’ll definitely still wear them for naptimes and at nighttime, but her orthopaedist will determine how much she must wear them beyond that. I must admit that I’m a little concerned that her right foot is still slightly turned in. I’m making a conscious choice to trust her orthopaedist and not bring her back in there for my concern. She will be seen again in eight weeks for her next infusion, and I’ll bring it up then if I’m still concerned.

This post is getting rather lengthy, so I will cover their third Pamidronate infusion in my next post!

3 responses

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Violet. You warmed my heart today! Can we have some Layla news and pictures too, please? :o)

  2. what a princess… you must kiss your girls like 10000 times a day.
    i saw that picture of her foot and immediately wanted to give her foot a ton of smooches.

    what a trooper! geez, you’ld think they would have a little system for making the saw noise less scary for the little ones? she is on her way to perfect feet-dom! you are all handling this so well… one day she will look at those pictures and be like ‘wow mom!’.

    yes, more pictures… both of your girls are so pretty and sweet!

    thanks for updating, and hope that things continue to proceed without any problems.

    thinking of you!

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