Lovely Layla

Some of you have commented that I haven’t mentioned Layla much lately. This is a good thing, because it means she has been healthy! My posts have been very medical-focused because we have had SO many medical appointments to attend. And luckily, our little Baby B has been doing very well and has been able to relax much of the time while her sister is poked and prodded by doctors.

Over the last month, Layla has been spending more time in her Bumbo seat. She didn’t like it much at the beginning of February, but she is slowly but surely beginning to enjoy it a little bit.

She really notices her sister now, smiles at her and wants to hold hands. Here they are lounging on our bed in February.

She takes tummy time very seriously and is finally pushing up a bit.

She has started to enjoy her exersaucer a lot, although it wears her out to sit up and play!

She looks exactly like I did as a baby, but she has her daddy’s eyelashes!

This picture was taken in November, but someone was holding a picture of me as a baby next to Layla to show our similarities.

She hung out on the couch with her sister while snow fell outside last week.

At the infusion center last Tuesday, she weighed in at almost 14.5 lbs. I’ll post her official stats after we visit the pediatrician next week for their 6-month well visit.

She has learned how to shake her head back and forth. Last weekend, our beloved Kansas Jayhawks played their rivals, the Missouri Tigers, in basketball. My mom was visiting and asked Layla, “Will Missouri win this game?” and Layla shook her head no! The timing was a complete coincidence because she doesn’t do this on command yet, but we all laughed. My mom said, “That’s what it takes to get a bottle around here!” And thankfully, Layla was correct!

She is much more social than Violet. We’re sure that she will talk first. Violet saves her energy and lets Layla cry for the both of them in the mornings when they wake up. Layla has a temper and can be a bit of a drama queen. However, then she’ll go through something like getting an IV without even flinching. She surprises me sometimes.

Layla took very quickly to eating oatmeal from a spoon. She eats 8 oz bottles of formula, probably 6-7 of them per day. She sleeps while lying on her side. She is ticklish and giggles hysterically when we tickle her. Sometimes she has giggle fits when we just look at her, which is hilarious. She flashes huge smiles at our two doggies when they come close to her, although she has yet to reach out for them. She LOVES music and immediately stops crying and smiles when we sing to her. She especially likes “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “You Are My Sunshine.” She also likes it when I say “ma-ma-ma-ma” to her. We nicknamed her “Juniebug,” I guess because her middle name is June. I’m sure she will hate this nickname as a pre-teen. : )

Nothing in life has ever and could ever make me happier than becoming the mama of these two precious girls. They + their daddy have my entire heart, and I am so excited to continue watching them grow up.

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  1. Yay Layla! Thanks for the update! You made me smile today. I sing “You Are My Sunshine” all the time to my Twinks too! Can’t wait until the four of them get to sing it together!

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