Busy Start to the Year!

These little girls are keeping me busy lately!!! Believe me, I’m not complaining!

Violet is WALKING!!! We began really encouraging her to walk by holding one of her hands and having her walk pretty much everywhere in our house that we would normally carry her–to her booster seat in the kitchen for meals and snacks, to her bedroom at naptime and nighttime, to her changing table for diaper changes, etc. We could tell that she was SO close, but she was just afraid to let go of our hand. She went to her daycare on January 25th while I worked onsite at my job, and when we picked her up that evening, the teachers were so excited to show us that she had started walking independently. In fact, they put her down and she walked across a hallway to reach us with a huge grin on her face! The fact that Violet has achieved this milestone feels to us like such an amazing accomplishment. This child who broke both femurs in her first two months of life, who went through so much with bilateral clubfeet, and who had her skull cut open less than six months ago, is walking!!!! We are so ecstatic for her, and she is very clearly thrilled with her newly discovered mobility. She is walking more and more every day.

Both Violet and Layla are so, so fun right now. They’ll be one and a half next month! They are interested in everything I do, from preparing the coffee pot to cooking and cleaning. I can almost see their brains soaking everything up!

Violet has had a language and personality explosion over the past few months. Words that they are both saying are:

  • Hi!
  • Bye-bye (and they wave while they are saying it)
  • Night-night
  • Love you

Layla is more the singer and Violet is more the dancer. When we sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Layla says “Up A-Ba” (then we finish with “the world so high”). Then she says “Di Di Di Di Di Di” and I believe she’s trying to see “Like a Diamond in the Sky” because there are so many long “I” sounds in that phrase. She sings by herself too, just gibberish but it is very cute. Violet sways back and forth in her booster seat and makes some singing sounds as well. She loves to dance to Yo Gabba Gabba, and she crouches down and shakes her booty or swings her arms left and right across her body. Her dancing is especially cute because she has a bit of a bubble butt! : )

It seems like they’ve had a cold for months now. It goes away for a week and comes back. Today we are in runny nose mode. A few days ago we were in sneezing-fountains-of-snot mode. I caught acute bronchitis at the very beginning of the year and was so sick. A doctor at urgent care prescribed me an inhaler, a z-pak, a steroid, and cough syrup. I was afraid I might get admitted to the hospital, and I was terrified of Violet or Layla getting it. Luckily, no one else in my house got it. It made for a very miserable couple of weeks! I’m ready for spring and hopefully healthier little girls.

Both girls are in a terrible hitting phase currently. We are consistent with our correction–we grip their hand and tell them “No No” and remind them that hitting is bad. We show them soft touches and encourage them to be nice. So far our correction has done little to no good. Most of the time when I correct them (especially Layla), they turn around and hit me. Ha! Time-out is just no good at this age, at least for our kids. We tried and they thought it was funny. We’ve been told by parents who have been there that this is normal. However, Violet also had a biting incident at daycare last Friday. I take one for the team and let her show interest in biting my index finger, then correct her when she does it. But it’s not clear to me how much it’s sinking in. I don’t want to have “that kid” at daycare who bites the other little kids, so I hope this phase passes quickly!

I must go, but next time I will post some recent pictures!

3 responses

  1. Sounds like you are having lots of fun with the girls! My son is huge at 14 months and pushes kids at the playground (not intentionally), so I know the feeling f wanting a phase to pass.

  2. Ugh, I JUST wrote a post today about the hitting stuff. I’m curious to see what advice other moms have for me.

    YAY for walking!! It’s a whole new world when that starts. They get so FAST.

  3. Auntiem….
    Oh, now you are touching my emotions with Violet’s milestone achievement!! The girl has suffered through so much, yet she is smart!! Good girl, Violet!! Make your Mommy and Daddy proud!! ;-D
    You should post videos of Layla singing and Violet dancing!! I would love to see!! 😉
    I am sorry that you have been sick!! No fun!! I had a cold, like two weeks ago. Went about seven days or so feeling well, and now I’m sick again!! I, too, cannot wait for Spring!! But then again. I caught a Spring cold once!! 😦

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