It seems like I didn’t have much time to take many pictures in the month of January! Work and life got the best of me. I’ll share a few photos below…

We said goodbye to bottles in January! I had lingered on retiring bottles because part of me wants them to stay babies! But by mid-January, it was clear they were ready. Violet started drinking only an ounce or two and refusing the rest. Layla would drink more, but didn’t seem all that interested. They were eating more at dinnertime and getting fuller bellies, so we figured they were ready. One night we just decided to put them in bed and see what happened. I was afraid they’d wake up starving at midnight, but they slept all night and have ever since. They are seriously the BEST sleepers. They’ve been sleeping through the night for a year now, and I can only remember getting up in the middle of the night once (and that’s because Layla threw up in her crib). We are very, very lucky that they retired bottles so easily.

Here they are lounging on their animal pillows one night just before weaning, while their dad was not home:



A few weeks ago, I ordered some nap mats for them to use at daycare. When they arrived, their daddy decided that they needed to try them out to make sure they wouldn’t be swallowed up in the fabric. They LOVED them and stayed bundled up inside for several minutes.


I’m going to try to take more photos this month to share!

Also, I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that they both say “Mama” and “Dada.” Talk about heart melting! Every morning that they’re home with me and my husband is at work, Violet looks around and asks, “Dada?” Layla is also saying “No” a lot. She hears it often enough, it does not surprise me! 🙂


6 responses

  1. Auntiem….
    Now, how can I be behind in commenting on your Blog, already?! Sheesh!! ;-/
    I love, love, love that picture of Violet and Layla in their nap mats!! Too cute!! 😉
    I was wondering. Are your twins identical?

  2. Auntiem….
    It has been one month since your last Blog post!! One month!! I am missing Violet, my Kindred Spirit “Cranio” Friend!! And Layla, too!! I hope that everyone is staying well over there!! 😉

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