First Birthday

My girls are growing like weeds, and we were ecstatic to celebrate their 1-year birthday on September 13th. They were kind of sick on their actual birthday, so we decided to lay low at home. We did dress them up in their “It’s My Birthday” tanks and cute tutus (a gift from a family member) for an impromptu photo session.


Thankfully, they were feeling better on the day of their birthday party, September 15th. About 25 of our closest friends and family arrived at our house to celebrate. It was a beautiful day outside, so we enjoyed the outdoors in our backyard.


We wanted to prepare lunch for everyone, so we scheduled the party to start at noon. That is V&L’s naptime, so the rest of us enjoyed lunch and visited for a few hours while the guests of honor snoozed in their cribs. My hubby smoked pork shoulder and I prepared a bunch of food myself. Not sure we’ll go to that much trouble for future birthdays, but it was fun this year!

The loose theme of the party was “You Are My Sunshine.” The cake baker modeled the cakes after their invitations:




Otherwise, we decorated in bold colors–red, blue, green, orange, yellow. I didn’t want to be too theme-y; that’s not my style. We ran out of time to fully decorate as we had envisioned, but that’s okay.

Around 2, V&L were ready to join the party. We set up their booster seats in our backyard in an attempt to keep our kitchen free of becoming a smash cake disaster zone, and we set their cakes in front of them.


Violet did not like it much. She is meticulous when she eats, with a very precise pincer grasp, and didn’t think much of digging her hands down into the cake.




Layla, on the other hand, completely destroyed her cake. She was fun to watch!




Everyone said they might have upset tummies afterwards or have some bad diapers, but they seemed completely fine afterwards. Lucky us!

They received plenty of new toys, and it was so much fun to celebrate with those who are closest to us. Violet and Layla are so lucky to have so many people who care about them!